Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Corporate/Business Law


We represent small to large companies (from start-ups to well established businesses). The industries we represent are varied, such as: Logistics, Entertainment, Construction, Hospitality, Medical, Food, Restaurant, Computer/Information Technology, Biotechnology and many others. We provide a full-range of services dealing with corporate governance, business formation, drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements of all kinds, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, trademarks and copyright, and government compliance issues, to name a few. | Learn More…

International Law


We represent small to large companies (from start-ups to well-established businesses). Our main focus is doing business in Central and South America, but we also have experience in Africa, Indonesia, Europe and Canada. We provide our expertise with international transactions in dealing with distribution, supply and representative agreements, compliance with imports and customs regulations, joint venture agreements, financial arrangement for payment of products and export regulatory requirements, to name a few. | Learn More…

Immigration Law


We represent small to large companies (from start-ups to well-established businesses) who desire to hire foreign nationals, in addition to foreign individuals wanting to travel to the U.S. or remain in the U.S. We assist with a variety of visas such as H, B, E, L, O, P, R, K1, K3/4, F, J and TN/TD visas, green card/permanent residency, naturalization and employer compliance with immigration rules. We also assist with all of the green card/permanent residency categories such as EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4 and EB-5. | Learn more…